Tourist information on Nusa Tenggara Timur, East of Bali from Flores to West Timor  

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Kupang City West Timor

Lavalon SeaView Hostel and cafe Kupang Kupang Hostel. Rumah dijual di Kupang
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Captain Bligh Boat voyage ended 1789

Kupang is the capital of East  Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province and the main centre for the eastern part of Indonesia. Kupang is not only a travel hub, but an exciting destination in itself. 

The heart of the central business district fronts onto a beach which virtually runs the length of the town. There are many cafes and night clubs and thanks to the devaluation of the Indonesian Rupiah they are incredibly good value - you can get a meal in a local warung for 50 cents US and good western food for a couple of dollars. 

Adjacent to the town is Monkey Island with great white sand beaches and a lovely views, but you'll have to bring your own monkey.

Crocodile in Lasiana beach Kupang

Kupang Motorbike Rental & Car Rental -Books Exchange ( Hanya untuk Turis Mancanegara )


Kupang on west Timor can be reached by aeroplane fom most parts of the world.

Pelni has a weekly ferry service to Kupang on West Timor.

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Kupang accommodation

Kupang Hostel

The Beach is were the Captain Bligh Boat voyage ended 1789 (Terminal Kupang)

Diving & Snorkelling
If you are into diving and snorkeling there are plenty of places on the island to explore. Y can bring your own equipment or hire it from one of Kupang's dive shops.

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For nature lovers there's a beautiful waterfall at half an hours distance from Kupang, and in a different direction is a cave with crystal-clear water to swim in (45 minutes from Kupang).  There is also a monkey forest before the cave that you can visit (25 minutes from Kupang). 


Once you leave  Kupang, you are in traditional native territory. Timor has many distinct tribal groups, all of which provide a warm welcome to tourists.  They are more than happy to share with you their traditional ways of doing things, and you can see people making intricate handicrafts. Also make sure you request a demonstration of the Sasando - a harp-like instrument with 9 to 45 guitar strings, and a bamboo tube that attaches to a big bowl of palm leaves, the medium for
Sarlin Jones Miss Grand Indonesia 2019 From Kupang West Timor Indonesia
#SarlineJones MisGrand International from Ntt Indonesia
クパン(Kupang West Timor)は西ヌサテンガラ県(Nusa Tenggara:NTT)の都市であるとともに、西ティモール島の中心街です。旅の中継場所としてだけでなく、魅力的な観光地でもあります。
Banks & ATM's
Note that ATMs and Banks in Kupang give the best exchange rate in NTT, so stock up. All the major cards are acceptable-Visa Card- cirrus-Master Card-Maestro -Travelers' Checks and US$ or AUS$ notes are the best. Internet access, international phone calls and cellular phones are as easy as any other big cities in the world.
Oenesu Waterfall

Lavalon Hostel
Tablolong Beach. The best beaches in Kupang Indonesia
 Video of Tablolong Beach Kupang West Timor Indonesia

Australian Memorial ww 2
Australian WW 2 Monument (Oesao Kupang West Timor)

Map of Kupang
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