sabu island

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Double Room Rp150.000 with Fan, Hot shower Ac Rp250.000, Dorm Rp50.000 Including Breakfast Banana Pancake with Honey

pulau sabu
Sabu Culture

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Rai Hawu Cottage
Sabu Island            
sabu island
Rai Hawu Hotel

Rai Hawu Cottage
Conveniently locate
(Eilode Village, Center of Sabu Island)
15 km from the Airport " Terdamu"

A good place for staying while you spending your time in Sabu (Savu) It is about 13 km from Seba (town of Savu), and 14 km from Wuihebo and Koloudju, some good places for surffing. and you can enjoy your meals in Rai Hawu Restaurant and Cafe.

Room Rates

Standard room
Rp, 650.000
Suite room
Rp. 900.000

Breakfast included.

Marketing Office
Rai Hawu Hotel
Jl. Sam Ratulangi V/168 Kelapa Lima
Oesapa Barat, Kupang
Telp.0380-8155550 | Fax.0380-822300

Email :


Sabu can be reached from Kupang by Ferry, PELNI and by air by Susi Air and NBA. from Flores,Sumba and from other major islands in Indonesia such as Java(Surabaya), Bali, Lombok, and within the NTT province itself


sabu island

sabu island

sabu island sabu island


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